Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Su-35 at Maks Air Show

amazing su-35 stations at airbase

The Su-35 is a twin engine heavy multirole fighter.It has advance avionics,thrust vectoring nozzles,improved aerodynamics,high payload,long range,powerful engines,better design which make this aircraft highly lethal and most effective fighter in the world.Su-35 also have super electronic warfare suite.

98 Su-35S to be inducted in the Russian Air Force.Sukhoi company plan is to export some 160 examples of this fighter jet.But due to the developments of fifth generation fighter jets this seems impossible.

In trials and exercises,Su-35 outperformed its rival F-15.It is the best 4++ generation fighter in the world.

Its avionics include:-

  • Irbis-E passive phased array radar.
  • OLS-35 infra-red search and track system.
  • L265 Khibiny-M electronic warfare pod.
It is a multirole fighter that means it can carry out air-to-air and air-to-ground operations.It is a very capable jet as it can carry out assigned missions at day and night.

It has Irbis-E radar which is one of the most powerful PESA radar used in an operational aircraft.It can detect F-22 raptor from about 20 to 25 km away.It is X-band radar.Its manufaturer and designer is Tikhomirov NIIP.

Many countries have expressed their interest in Su-35 but exports of this jet are not good due to the its resemblance with other modernize fighters like Su-27 and Su-30 and also due to the emergence of stealth fighters.4 Su-35S are also deployed in Syria by Russia.

It has 12 hardpoints consisting of 2 wingtip rails,and 10 wing and fuselage stations with a capacity of 8000 kg of ordance which include a variety of guided and unguided missiles and bombs.

It is further developed into T-50/Sukhoi PAK FA which is a stealth fighter and a joint project between Russia and India.Work is in full swing.Its first flight was on 29 January,2010 and introduction is on 2018. Primary users are Russian Air Force and Russian Navy.

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